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Old Map United States and Mexico circa 1846

This is a republished map laid on cloth.

  • Old Map United States and Mexico circa 1846
  • Old Map United States and Mexico circa 1846
  • Old Map United States and Mexico circa 1846
  • Old Map United States and Mexico circa 1846
  • Old Map United States and Mexico circa 1846
Ref: World038, 1846, Humphrey Phelps Please hover to zoom in
Ornamental map of the United States and Mexico, first published 1846, republished 2018. Highly decorative, the map contains a wealth of information including the chronological & statistical view of the United States, information on the Aztec Great Temple dedicated to the Sun, New Mexico & the Californias, Mexico, and the conquest of Mexico. Portraits of Hernando Cortez Spanish explorer, Montezuma Aztec Ruler, General Taylor, and Santa Anna President of Mexico.

Contemporary Events

Hernando Cortez (1484 - 1547) was a Spanish explorer. In 1518 Cortez set sail with 600 men, to Mexico. The gold and silver in Mexico was the main attraction to Spanish explorers. The Aztecs were the major civilisation in Mexico at this time. Cortez originally settled in Veracruz, however soon headed to the Aztec capital - Tenochtitlan. Considering the Aztecs were known for their brutality and human sacrifices, it was surprising when Aztec ruler Montezuma originally welcomed Cortez. The tables soon turned however, when Cortez took Montezuma hostage, demanding a huge ransom for his safe return. A three month battle ensued, Montezuma was killed, and the city fell to the Spanish. The 'Temple of the Sun', a three tiered pyramid building in the centre of Tenochtitlan, was a place of worship for the Atztecs. It is estimated that 60,000 people were sacrificed here, and the building was destroyed by Cortez in 1521. A new settlement, Mexico City, was built on this land and settled with Spanish colonialists. Many of the indigenous population were lost in battle, or perished from western diseases, such as small pox, from which they had no resistance and Cortez secured control over Mexico. Cortez became all powerful in Mexico, and was called back to Spain in 1523. Shortly after, he returned to the continent and continued to explore Central America, and in hoping to find a strait from the Atlantic to the Pacific, discovered and named California instead. Returning once again to Spain, and settling in Seville, he died an embittered man in 1547.
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