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London & Westminster

This is a republished map laid on cloth.

  • London & Westminster
  • London & Westminster
  • London & Westminster
  • London & Westminster
  • London & Westminster
Ref: Lon005, 1736, Homan Heirs Please hover to zoom in
A map of London, Urbium Londini et West-Monasterii Nec Non suburbia Southwark etc. This map by Homann Heirs was published in 1736. Baptiste Homann was a German Cartographer (1664-1724) and upon his death was succeeded by his heirs who continued to publish maps well in to the 19th century. The map extends from Old Street in the west to Mile End in the east and Newington to Grosvenor Square north to South. A very decorative map it is interesting in the fact that the light grey area is where Hackney Cabs had to pay a fee to operate as this is where most congestion was. In effect an early congestion zone.

With a population estimated at around 700,000 London's population growth began to slow for a while. Living conditions were very cramped and unhygienic, and child mortality was very high. Around 20% of children died within the first two years.

Contemporary Events

The "Gin Craze" was well underway in 1737 leading to an increase in crime, a spiraling death rate and social unrest. Wheat was very cheap and by mid century half the wheat harvest went to gin manufacture. The misery caused by the consumption of gin was captured in Hogarths engraving "Gin Lane" published in 1751. Dick Turpin, the highwayman, was at the height of his career in 1737 but it was soon to end. He was hung in York for horse stealing in 1739. Overseas in America in 1739 the first slave rebellion occurred in South Carolina.
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 Framing Information
We make our own frames from moulding hand finished in our workshops. The standard finish is a distressed black with a gold slip inserted for the larger maps.

We finish the moulding in two other colours, Antique Red and Antique Green. These colours can be used on any of our prints or maps, both reproductions and originals, but have been chosen specifically to suit some of the antique prints and illustrations.

Some of the maps are very big so for weight, shipping and safety reasons we use 3mm acrylic as the glazing material.
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We specialize in supplying original maps and reproductions of the rarer maps, all dissected and hand laid onto 100% natural cotton cloth. All of them are supplied in handmade slipcases covered in marbled paper taken from our collection of original papers dating back to circa 1700.
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