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Fire of London

This is a republished map laid on cloth.

  • Fire of London
  • Fire of London
  • Fire of London
  • Fire of London
  • Fire of London
Ref: Lon020, 1740, Emanuel Bowen Please hover to zoom in
A plan of the city and liberties of London after the dreadful conflagration of 1666. This map of the extent of the damage caused by the fire of London was published circa 1740. The damage extended to an area of more than 430 acres and it took decades to rebuild the city. Looting of the ruins was common occurrence and like the heaths and commons that surrounded London they became a haunt of thieves. It was engraved by Emanuel Bowen (1694 - 1767) after Wenceslaus Hollar's map.

Contemporary Events

In 1665 the last great outbreak of the plague occurred in London, possibly killing 100,000 people, some estimates 70,000. In 1665 Isaac Newton engages in experiments that led to his theories on gravity and Robert Hooke, maybe the greatest scientist of the 17th century, published his book "Micrographia". Samuel Pepys would continue to write his diary until 1669.

Overseas in 1665 "New Amsterdam" is renamed "New York" after agreement between Britain and the Dutch. By now there are estimated to be 75,000 English settlers in America. In Europe in 1664 the Ottoman armies are halted in their advance on Vienna.

The population of London was now around 400,000.
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