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Cary's New and Accurate Plan of London

This is a republished map laid on cloth.

  • Cary's New and Accurate Plan of London
  • Cary's New and Accurate Plan of London
  • Cary's New and Accurate Plan of London
  • Cary's New and Accurate Plan of London
  • Cary's New and Accurate Plan of London
Ref: Lon015, 1816, John Cary Please hover to zoom in
Cary's new and accurate plan of London and Westminster, the borough of Southwark etc circa 1816. This map by John Cary is considered one of the finest maps of London produced at this time. Cary first published this map in 1787 and a copy of the 1799 edition sold at auction in 2010 for £11,250. This edition is dated 1816. To the West Earls Court is shown as a few scattered houses in the fields and Brompton and Chelsea an area of "Neat House Gardens", meaning market gardens. Pasture land laps to the boundaries of both Hyde and Regents Parks. Islington and Hackney are still villages and Mile End Road peters out in the countryside. The Isle of Dogs is marshland that extended for many miles to the east. At the lower margin is "A list of 528 of the most principal streets with reference to their situation".

An interesting feature of this map is that since Cary first engraved this map the West India docks has been built in 1802 so Cary very neatly engraved an additional piece only given away by the slightest difference in engraving styles.

London's population had now reached close to 1,400,000, a 40% increase since the census of 1801. Immigration played an important part of this growth along with much reduced infant mortality.

Contemporary Events

In America in 1814 the British Army burn down Whitehouse and while the British attack Baltimore, Francis Key composes the "Star Spangled Banner". The "Fulton", the first steam driven warship is launched in New York. In Britain George Stephenson builds his first locomotive. Australia is given it's name by Captain Matthew Flinders. In 1815 Wellington with Prussian allies defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. The congress of Vienna redraws the map of Europe. In Southern Africa Boer farmers rebel. In 1816 the British Army only just manage to defeat the Ghurkas even though they outnumbered them 3 to 1. Indiana becomes the 19th state.
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