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Specialist suppliers of original and reproduction rare & historical maps and charts circa 1620 - 1890

When in the 17th century people began to travel in increasing numbers one of their first priorities was to obtain a map. The map would need to be able to cope with extended periods of life on the road, in winter a journey from remote areas of the United Kingdom to London could take weeks even in good weather. Overseas journeys could take years. Even by the turn of the 19th/20th centuries journeys abroad would often be measured in months so the traveller would have to ensure that their fragile paper maps would survive their often damp ordeal on the open road.

A solution for the preserving and strengthening of maps is to lay them down on linen or cotton cloth. This method was used from the 18th century by map makers, especially on folding maps or those subjected to a lot of handling. As extra protection a slipcase would be provided.

Many of these folding maps are now extremely scarce and expensive, especially those of major cities like London. We specialize in supplying original maps and reproductions of the rarer maps, all dissected and hand laid onto 100% natural cotton cloth. All of them are supplied in handmade slipcases covered in marbled paper taken from our collection of original papers dating back to circa 1700.

Original Rare and Historic Maps and Prints
Original Maps
Beautiful Hand Made Reproduction Maps and Prints
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19th century decorative chromolithographs and lithographs.
Antique Illustrations
A collection of extremely rare and historic maps that were considered the finest, and most beautiful, maps of their time.
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Old Folding Maps
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